Chronicles of Marr

New Tyre Research Center

The adventuring company has known each other for many years.. I think.

They arrive in the town of Aston, the capital city of Talis, a powerful, but peaceful kingdom on the continent of Mithos. They go to the local tavern, when the sheriff arrives and addresses the bar. The government of New Tyre, the is looking to hire some people to investigate the New Tyre Research Center in the Unctos Norum region. They had not heard from the wizards in a few weeks and dispatched messengers. They messengers did not return. The crowd in the bar is concerned about the “evil things” that the wizards do in the research center, and they refuse to go. TAC takes up the offer and goes.

They arrive at the research center 3 days later only to discover the littered, maimed bodies of the wizards and the messengers. The research center is an old stone building of an ancient religion. TAC found out the wizards disturbed a demon in the sealed catacombs of the old church. TAC killed the demon, explored the catacombs, and returned to Aston with the news of what happened to the wizards.


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